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Sian Burman



Sian Burman is a passionate painter of vast Australian skies, oceans and landscapes, with their intense shimmering light and reflections. It is this fascination and love of her environment that inspires her to paint what she sees, and to share these emotions and images with her audience.
Sian originates from the UK, having emigrated many years ago. She grew up on the wild and beautiful coast of West Wales, so a love of the ocean and its rugged environs has never left her. Much of her art practise focuses on the use of colour and light within landscape painting, focusing to a great extent on the Victorian coastline with its amazing sky and seascapes
Sian’s landscape paintings include semi-abstract fire paintings which focus on radiance, colour and movement: Fire is as much an element of the Australian landscape as is the water that surrounds it. Sian frequently uses thick impasto oil paint for these particular paintings and enjoys exploring colour and contrast within the media’s sumptuous luminous properties, enabling her to create startling effects. In addition to the landscape, Sian has a keen interest in figurative drawing and painting.
Sian’s preferred medium is oil, but she also enjoys working with gouache, acrylic and mixed media.

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