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Shahana Kiran



Shahana Art Studio

Shahana is an abstract artist living and working in Melbourne, Australia. Her work is driven by intuition, her love of colours and textures. Shahana has always had a desire to express the emotions she feels from nature. Her feelings flow directly onto the canvas in an uninterrupted, intuitive flow; layers, textures, and colour blend and evolve before her until some secret inner part of her feels satisfied.
Shahana loves using a combination of thick paints, mediums, a palette knife experimenting with different colour tones and textures. She considers herself an experimental artist using different mediums and various styles always challenging her practice. Her art is not placed within the boundaries of a single style or genre.

She started painting when she was only eight and held many exhibitions overseas. After moving to Australia in 2003 she had to postpone her art for few years due to life commitments. She resumed her art journey again in 2017 and started exhibiting in Australia and won awards. Since 2017 she has sold many paintings online and in person.

Currently, she is focussing on abstract landscapes inspired by the natural world and Australian outbacks. She is inspired by nature, whether it be seascape or flowers, to create something that is a little bit different with a modern outlook. She is an explorer by nature and her curious personality lead her to new journeys in art.

Whichever piece you choose from Shahana’s collection, it is an original piece. Shahana does not produce copies or prints.

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