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Robyn Canning



Robyn Louise

Robyn Canning (artwork signature Robyn Louise)
April 2023
I discovered my love of painting and sketching in 2018. My connection to artist groups and my Instagram account, together with workshops and tutorials with professional artists, gives me an opportunity to learn from experienced artists, and those like me, who are starting their art journey. This exposure provides wonderful opportunities to learn about a large variety of creative mediums in an environment of generous and encouraging people.
I lived most of my life in the City of Darebin, Melbourne, and currently live in the City of Whittlesea. I am a member of the Northern Suburbs Artists Collective (NSAC), the Whittlesea University of the 3rd Age (U3A) Art for Fun Group and the Melbourne and Victorian Artists Inc. (MAVA).
Watercolour painting is my primary passion. I also have an interest in acrylic art and mixed media. My inspiration comes from my environment - the urban and country landscape, nature and an ambition to learn and improve my skills.
Exhibitions/Art Shows
City of Whittlesea Community Art Exhibition (South Morang)
“Blue Butterfly” - Watercolour - 2019
“Together Again” - Watercolour - 2020
“Online@robynlouise5 - Acrylic - 2021 (sold)
“White Light” - Acrylic - 2022 (sold)
“Harmony” - Watercolour - 2022 (sold)
Northern Suburbs Artist Collective Open Studio Art Exhibition (South Morang)
“Centerpiece” - Acrylic - 2022
“Bold Blooms” - Watercolour - 2022
“Breakthrough” - Gouache - 2022
“Cascade” - Acrylic - 2022 (sold)
Roberts McCubbin Primary School Art Show (Box Hill South)
“In My Garden” - Watercolour - 2023 (Art Prize, Inaugural “Sunshine” Award) (Sold post exhibition)
“Pollen Haze” - Acrylic - 2023
“Mutual Attraction” - Acrylic - 2023
Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show (Carlton) - MAVA Collective Exhibition
“Sentinels” - Acrylic - 2023

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