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Rishu Kapoor



Rishu Kapoor Atelier

Rishu Kapoor is an Indian Artist living in Melbourne. For her, art is a powerful medium for sharing her thoughts and ideas and to inspire and stimulate the viewer’s intellect and emotions.
Formerly a lecturer with a Double Masters Degree in Commerce and Business Administration, Rishu took up painting as a full-time profession in 2005. Soon, God-gifted as she was, she became a budding artist in her city.

She has spent the last 2 decades nurturing her love for art and painting. Believing that learning never stops, and enhanced her expertise and versatility under various Art Masters in India, the Philippines, and Florence, Italy.

Rishu is a portraitist and a mixed media artist with a distinctive style of fusing gold leaf work into oil and acrylic paintings. Her subjects are drawn from her past journey and linking to the present. Her inspiration comes from the varied and diverse cultures of the different countries she has lived in.

She works full-time from her vibrant light-filled studio, her "Happy Creative Space” in her own words. Rishu regularly displays her work in solo and group exhibitions. Her work is included in collections in India, Hong Kong, The United States of America, Canada, The Philippines, and Australia.

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