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Rekha Khurmi



Originally from England, UK and now residing and working as a full-time creative in Melbourne, Australia.

My passion for painting/drawing started at an early age, but the old myth of the starving artist meant no one really encouraged me to take art seriously in my studies. Instead, I spent four years earning a degree in Business IT; which led to a successful 20-year career in Corporate Ethics & Compliance.

But there was always a gap - to nurture my creativity. So I left the corporate world in 2019 and diverted my entrepreneurial skills to my art and also my love of baking.

Oils and acrylics are my go-to mediums, using my own methods and also trying methods from the old masters. My subject matter consists of moments that have captured my eye, a memory or a feeling, and there is usually a personal story behind them that I'm happy to tell when asked. And my style is currently realism but I am always exploring different ways to express myself, it's part of the artistic journey unfolding.

I'm lucky enough to have a home studio In Aspendale as well as running a home-based bakery, CakeReks. Cake in the oven, back to painting!!

Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy viewing my work and if you get a chance to try it - some cake!


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