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Peta Tranquille




Peta Tranquille is an artist that is not easily definable. Mostly self taught, Peta has been drawing and painting her whole life. With over 30 years of Cartographic experience, Peta’s passion lies with Maps and in particular aerial views of the Earth from above.

Born in Perth and moving to the WA wheatbelt at a young age, Peta was raised on a farm, exposing her to rural and city ways of life. Her studies lead to a career in map-making before the digital age and reliance on computers, therefore her work is distinctly precise.

Born an artist and it shows. Her pieces reflect her experience and passion for maps and geography. She creates with precision, showcasing her appreciation for maps, cityscapes and geographical interpretations. Fluid creativity and mathematical structure are combined seamlessly as she marries abstract and realistic form.

Peta can create surfaces so flat it appears to be digital. Alternatively she can produce hard edge textured areas that appear to be confined behind an imaginary wall.

The family moved to Melbourne in 2013 and since then Peta has exhibited in multiple group shows as well as three solo exhibitions.

Her signature utilises her middle name and initial of her first and maiden names.