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Paul Zahra



Rukz One

Hi, I am Paul Zahra, the creative force behind Rukz One. My art can often be unique, polarising as it swings between the simple and complex drawing inspiration from skateboarding, hip hop, and the Melbourne street art/graffiti culture.

Collaboration and support in the artistic community are motivating forces in my creative journey, creating work with artists around Australia and the World. Organising events combining music and art under the “Creative Culture” banner allowed creatives to showcase and celebrate works. More recently a board of directors position as the treasurer for RedWest Creative Co-Op Ltd after serving as secretary. RedWest provides a collaborative network option for artists in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne.

I am most proud of using my creations to give back and support, some of these include Woolworths and MLDC Health and Fitness Centre, Women in Business fundraiser supporting Women’s Cancer, Brody and Ellie’s Helping Hand supporting Cystic Fibrosis. The Iso Life Colouring Book supporting the homeless and less fortunate by way of From Us 2 You Melbourne and Sleepbus help provide a safe, temporary overnight accommodation for the homeless and the KKCF caring for orphans underprivileged children in Sri Lanka.

Whether I am bubbling over with the melodies from my mind, or freeing the colours of my emotion, I am always overflowing with creative energy. This is the fuel that drives me to explore and grow within new methods so that this energy can manifest through a creative outlet of some description. The soundtrack to my work is a synergy of expression through instrumental and vocal poetics. In life, I seek to understand others' humanity and create opportunities for a smile and a laugh.