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Patrick Duffy



Patrick Duffy Cleverfool

I am a Ballarat based Recycled Cardboard Creative, exploring a creative practice of making art from existing material that is largely considered waste.
I focus on 3 Dimensional sculptures that are a celebration of cardboard, based on the idea of creative limitation, everything must be made out of the box.

I explored this simple, and sustainable material in playful and theatrical ways,
to exploit its creative potential with more often or not unexpected results.

Looking to what can be achieved in texture, shape, colour, and form,
I attempt to encourage the viewer to reconnect to their sense of play and their childhood memories of playing with cardboard.

Yet at the same time I urge the viewer not to see cardboard in my art as a gimmick.
Sculptures should speak for themselves, regardless of what they're made from
carved marble, cast in bronze. Or from an old recycled cardboard box.

I am aiming to show my versatility as a creator through a mindful use of materials and a reminder of the importance of addressing environmental issues, telling a story of sustainability alongside a story of their own.

I was told to think 'outside the box' but I thought, stuff that, what can I make out of the box !

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