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Nathan Sims



Mr Dimples

Nathan Sims is a Bendigo based Street Artist that operates under the name Mr Dimples.

Mr Dimples was born, one night in the summer of 2012. After a few scary experiences of an intruder hanging around the artist's house, causing many sleepless nights. To over come this, influenced by the art of Tim Burton and Frida Kahlo, he created the first “Mr Dimples” works.

From this experience the artist found that this was like therapy for his soul. So he continued to develop this style and focused his art on other people and events that frustrated him at the time.

In 2013 he attended the first of several collaborations with Adrian Doyle at Blender Studios. It was here he learnt all of the techniques that he uses now, experimenting with paste-ups, stencils, junk sculptures, sticker bombing and free hand spray painting.

The artist's work is an emotional response inspired by the frustrations of his life, such as friendship, work, social media/technology and dating. Using his distinctive style and iconic characters, each artwork tells a story of events or people in his life.

Nathan is a member of the Ninja Street Art Group and also curator of the St. John of God Art Space in Bendigo.

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