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Mina Afra



Mina Afra is a Melbourne based landscape artist working primarily with oil and acrylic. After working for years as a graphic designer, French teacher and gemmologist, in 2020 Mina decided to follow her dream of becoming a professional artist and now paints full time. Her passion for art and painting is rooted in her early childhood watching her mum painting landscapes in oil. Through her art she seeks to depict the rhythm, fluidity and the sense of connection that exists in nature. Each painting is a compilation of quick sketches from her daily walks or past travels, photos, memories and her feelings for the landscape. The interrelation of all life forms in nature as dancing together in her eyes, inspires her and she aims to convey her feelings of enjoyment and excitement while immersed in nature. She attempts to discover her internal landscape through painting the external one, sometimes by manipulating colours.
Mina holds a Bachelor of Graphic design from the Tehran University of Arts, a Master of Teaching French (FLE) and a Diploma in Gemmology from Gemmological association of Australia.

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