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Melissa Banks



Embedded in me, I paint stories of the earth. Land, sea and sky. Ebb and flow moments that can be gone in a heartbeat but not before they’ve taken your breath away and left you their echo. I call on the echoes, the moments, and the possibilities.

My connection to colour and love for colour mixing was grounded in the McClelland Guild oil painting paradise. From the age of 10, I learnt to paint what I saw, not what I thought I saw. A tree is only brown and green until you look and see deeper—violet, burgundy, chartreuse, turquoise, silver. I learnt to see colours for what they are, not for what my preconception of the subject’s colour might be. From this point of view, every moment is a colour lovers dream! Painting gives me space and freedom to thank the beauty of the world we live in. Trusting in my experiences, training, inspiration and innate creativity to holler back when I call gives me the creative courage to intuitively follow the flow of an artwork.

The beach calls me.
The native flowers that sustain our bushlands call me.
The textures that are repeated again and again in nature call me.
The colour that we see beyond what we think we see calls me.
Working with creatives and watching their "ah-ha!' moments link together calls me.

To share all of this beauty, to render moments that live on and evoke memories of a time that was, is golden.