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Melisa Savickas



Melisa Savickas has been creative for as long as she can remember. Born and raised in Melbourne, Melisa spent her childhood drawing for hours on end, in a home that had respect and admiration for all things creative. Her love for creativity kept growing and led her to a Visual Arts degree, where Photography quickly became her focus. Melisa has been a photographer for around 30 years and has her own small business in photography, which centres around weddings, portraits and events.

Melisa’s artistic photography explores the inner workings of her mind and often contains imagery that has layers of meaning and sometimes extremely close viewpoints. She loves detail and strives to create photographic artworks that contain unexpected elements and are developed from multiple images or are altered to bring them to new meaning.

She also creates photographic art jewellery, using her skills to conceive and develop original imagery for photographic necklaces, earrings, brooches and pins that are enhanced under glass. She works with other media as she is inspired and will not be limited to just one kind of art creation. She is constantly honing her painting and illustration skills and discovers new possibilities with each work.

One recurring theme for Melisa is the spectacular designs found in nature, and specifically in plant life. Macro photography and multi layered digital art is a major focus of her current work. Her extensive international travels have provided her with imagery and experiences that are a constant companion in her artistic journey. She is especially attracted to ancient cultures and is influenced by Lithuanian (her heritage) and Latvian jewellery and woodcraft designs, the intricately carved work of the Cambodian and Egyptian temples.

Melisa has exhibited in 13 group shows in the past few years, and held her first solo show in 2019. Her work is held in Private Collections in South America, Canada and Australia.

She is currently working on a photographic art exhibition for early 2021, addressing the social distancing period we have been experiencing. The working title for the show is ‘The Social Isolation Photography Project’.

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