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Maria Fernandez



Studio 42 Art & Design

Maria Fernandez was born in Argentina and now is based in Australia and Spain. She moves between the two countries following the sun, being continuously inspired by the strong artistic cultures of the places she lives in or visits. The magnificent Mediterranean coast and the extreme Australian landscape are main sources of inspiration. In addition, instinct and spontaneity are key factors that accompany her creative vision.

Maria’s technique is characterised by an innovative and complex use of visual imagery, textures, colour, and mark making. She experiments with different media and techniques using acrylic, oil, cold wax, encaustic, collage and some unusual materials like bitumen and
cement, to express herself with total freedom and without any boundaries.

Fernandez loves architecture and interior design, and her large-scale paintings are very suitable for homes and workspaces. She thinks that works of art should not only be appreciated once in a while in an art gallery or museum, but also in our own homes where we can see and enjoy them every day.

Maria provides viewers with the engaging experience of finding shapes within shapes and images behind images, to provide them with a safe, nurturing, emotional passage through the canvas.
Fernandez has had 10 Solo international exhibitions and participated in 16 Collective shows. Her paintings are inventories of fragments of her life and the nature that surrounds her.

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