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Kylie Sirett



As an artist, Kylie Sirett draws her inspiration for her still life works from her immediate surroundings.; from items in her everyday life. Whether it be readily available produce, household items, or pieces from her vintage kitchen collection. The everyday. It’s accessible.

Produce shopping at her local farm gate with her family, the neighbour's fruit trees, the fruit gifted by friends when they come across produce that still has leaves or that they think she might find interesting. Kylie aims to inspire others to also appreciate what’s around us every day. Her current still life series focuses on light and its’ effect on surfaces and textures.

After completing high school Kylie began her fine art training at Footscray TAFE, she completed the first year, focusing on drawing and oil painting. However, she decided not to continue, instead, accepting a Graphic Arts Apprenticeship, putting the brushes and pencils down for almost 15 years. Her passion for drawing and painting was re-ignited in 2008 and she hasn’t stopped creating since.

Kylie’s time in the graphic arts industry has provided a solid background in colour, composition, and traditional printing techniques as the industry moved into the digital world.

Kylie works from her studio in Hurstbridge, Victoria

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