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Kirralee Fisher



I am a painter and illustrator. I am interested in storytelling and enjoy creating narratives in my work. Often, I will make up my own scenes with different elements, using egg tempera, watercolour or spray painting to help me express my ideas. Where possible and relevant, I like to inject a sense of humour into my work. Aesthetically, my illustrations and paintings are inspired by the historic and contemporary art practice of Surrealism, together with Western Medieval art traditions, including bestiaries and the wonderful and strange sense of humour.

I am a big fan of wildlife. I am fascinated by their ability to inspire, give a comforting presence, astonish with the incredible variation in their forms and to provide another dimension as I watch their antics and interaction with each other, with people and with the built and natural environments. I also have ecological and philosophical concerns regarding wildlife. In particular, why do we glorify some animals and denigrate others as pests and scavengers? If there is an imbalance in biodiversity, resulting in “pests”, should we look more closely at our own role in this occurrence? This is why wildlife, in particular the unglorified urban animal or insect, is often the key motif in my work.

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