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Kerry L Brown



Kerry L Brown is a senior creative with 25 years of experience in design and advertising. Formally trained as a graphic designer, Kerry's transition to a full-time artist has been a turning point in not just her work life, but in her view of life in general - she describes the transition as a whole new view of the world.'

'I see things so much more clearly, more vividly now, and I push these observations by depicting them as I'd like them to be. Real-life isn't my thing, it's too confronting for me', says Kerry.

Influenced heavily by strong design principles, her work is as diverse as it is dynamic; Kerry's style is experimental and always evolving, yet has an underlying delicacy and a high level of detail that reflects her ability to look past the surface of a situation or scene and to capture its essence.

On her most recent series of paintings, Kerry L Brown describes her work as ‘illustrative observations and interpretations of every day, with a healthy dose of optimism and joy.’

Based in Bendigo, in regional Victoria, Kerry is constantly inspired by the natural environment, often using colours based on the local landscape in her interior studies. In her photography and printmaking, the artist focuses on the finer details, on '...looking closer to reveal layers of hidden beauty in unexpected ways.

Kerry regularly works from her studio space at the Bendigo Pottery and is available by appointment.