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Kerri Lee



Kerri completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts and Post-Grad in teaching in her early twenties. She then moved on to signwriting and acting, but never stopped daubing with paint and pencil. She is now devoted to creating fine art and teaching pottery full time.

Kerri's larger work is often textural with dynamic colours and contrasts.
She currently works with acrylics, watercolour and clay in her spacious studio in
Geelong on Wadda Wurrung country.

Kerri likes to experiment with a mix of styles and techniques, often fusing realist images with abstract ideas. Many works challenge the viewer to impose their own ideas onto the media - making the viewing a highly personal experience.

... Then there's her whimsical style. Often using animals to lift our humour and explore love of living beings - and the nature of contradiction.

Kerri likes to push her ideas a little further each day and hopes to revisit oil paints for larger works in the near future.

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