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Kate Karaula



Kate Karaula is a textile and fibre artist living in Bayside Melbourne. Having grown up at the base of The Dandenong Ranges, and then spending the last 15 years by Port Phillip Bay, her work is grounded in nature and the interplay it has with humanity and urban environments – harmonious, violent, symbiotic, at odds, beautiful, ugly, breathy and cramped – sometimes all at once.

Kate has explored multiple mediums over the years, including studying Photography at the Photography Studies College in Melbourne. This study has provided a foundation for her practice, both from the perspective of storytelling and concept development.

Her textile works began their development when she moved into her St Kilda studio in 2016. They have continued to be refined through further mastering of techniques, the constant answering of “I wonder what happens if…”, and numerous medium-relevant courses.

Sustainability, ethics and care for the environment play an integral part in Kate’s work. With art being one of the only ways to save the detritus of consumerism from landfill, Kate uses mostly deconstructed clothing, bolt ends and remnants in her works, along with thrifted yarns and self-made yarns, handmade felt and found objects. Where one person may see “waste” or “broken”, Kate sees potential; in a world that is lightning fast, she advocates for slowing down, both in the emotions invoked by her work and by creating many of her base materials from raw resources up.