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Kalina de Bruin



Kalina de Bruin is a self taught artist, whose passion for the creative initially led her to pursue a career in Interior Design. Following an interstate move and the birth of her first child, Kalina decided to set aside her creative pursuits and retrained as a primary school teacher. One particular year she was given the opportunity to teach Art at her school and, while guiding her students with their own creativity, she realised that creativity needed to become a significant part of her life once again.

Having grown up in Melbourne, travelled and lived in Western Australia and Canada, she is now based on the border between Melbourne’s outskirts and the beautiful hills and beaches of Southwest Gippsland, Australia.

Her works span a variety of subject matter, with a main focus on landscapes and florals. She draws inspiration from the sun’s impact on the sky and surfaces, and seasonal changes in nature. Her breast cancer diagnosis in 2021 saw her work turn inward, reflecting on the emotions and experiences of facing ones own mortality, and shifting towards more joyful pieces celebrating all that we have to be grateful for.