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John Nelson



John Nelson started painting ten years ago. He chose painting over learning a musical instrument as a retirement goal.

He researched a myriad of painters from Mondrian to Pollock and was struck by the importance of colour.
Over time he has expanded the vibrancy of his pallet and loves to take risks with colour and texture. His preferred medium is acrylic.

John paints in themes. His early work was, for no particular reason, caravans. Nothing in his previous life involved caravans and he was drawn to painting them after reading an article in a barbershop magazine. His combination of colour, shape and caravan provided works that were a touch quirky.
Painting has encouraged John to observe the world around him with a different perspective. Now he is attracted to shapes and colours and interpretation of their combinations. An interesting evolution for a bloke who previously had a bland view of his environment. John’s paintings reflect an eclectic range including suburbia, the jungle, country landscapes, bush dunnies, country gardens and most recently under the microscope.

John paints for fun. He enjoys the freedom of expression that comes with the challenge of matching colour and theme on a canvas. It is fair to say his works are an emotional expression of his thinking.
Whilst his journey to painting has come late in his life John rejoices that it has happened as it provides him with a never before contentment and peace of mind.

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