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Jesslyn Murphy



With over 20 years of private artistic exploration, Jesslyn has sought to understand a diverse range of painting, printmaking, and drawing techniques. Joining an artist studio in 2023, she began to build a cohesive collection featuring thickened layers of acrylic paint, applied with palette knives and brushes to tell a colour-filled impasto story.

Jesslyn's work simplifies the world's details into vibrant pop-art landscapes, capturing special visited places and often-overlooked local treasures. Each piece reflects meticulous planning of colour combinations, evoking nostalgia and joy in the viewer. Her playful, vibrant, and bold style garnered recognition,qhq including winning the 2D category at Artz Blitz in 2016 and earning People's Choice in 2017.

Aspiring to showcase in exhibitions in 2024, Jesslyn is on a mission to explore even crisper and more fun colour combinations, while celebrating the beauty of her neighborhood.

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