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James McLean



James McLean is a self-taught Melbourne based artist who uses a mixture of markers, inks, and digital imagery to express his passion for observing people and making social and political commentary. James strives to address topical social issues such as war, political corruption, asylum seekers, mental illness, poverty and the mistreatment of others. He draws inspiration from the people he sees amongst the community and the world around him.

James' naïve style brings together elements from a number of Artists most notably Jean-michel Basquiat and Pablo Picasso, He creates strong bold lines, giving weight to the abstract faces, focusing on the unique and individual expressions and emotions they have. The addition of bright and vibrant colors further adds to highlight the tension and mood. The Artist aims to challenge viewers to step back and engage in the issues he addresses taking time to consider others in their community and society in general.

His award winning work has been on display both locally and internationally in gallery and online shows and has exhibited two successful solo shows ‘Reflections’ and ‘The City Series’ James’ Art as a whole attempt to address the issues in today’s society and how as a community we need to support each other in a challenging and forever changing social, political and economic landscape.