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Grace Foo-Barton



Originally from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and briefly living in Adelaide, South Australia before finally settling in Melbourne, Victoria; Grace identifies that she's in the perfect location to further inspire her journey as an artist. The South-East region where she currently resides in is surrounded by beautiful and magnificent landscapes such as The Dandenong Ranges, local botanical gardens, Phillip Island and The Mornington Peninsula, just to name a few.

Her creativity is led and influenced by its concept of 'fragments to the masterpiece'. It is also centred around the idea of merging both what is representational and conceptual. It is furthermore inspired by a touch of humanity, mother nature, conveyance through poetry or written word and every so often by the outlines of external form and contours.

Every detail, none of which are the same has its own story to impart. This includes using bold or subtle colour tones, textures and layers that are often recognisable in her work. Depending on the type of processes and technique used; the beauty of her intriguing, thought-provoking art piece(s) is that she never knows where the next process may take her. She enjoys the mystery, wonder, beauty and dedication that each piece requires from her.

Her love for travelling is undeniable; albeit locally, interstate or overseas. It has given her some amazing exposure and opportunities to experience different types of lifestyle from diverse cultures, heritages and backgrounds. She combines those travel experiences with the idea of what is representational and conceptual to evoke her creative processes. As such, her work is evident on how its portrayed in representing harmonious life, diversity and shedding love, hope, kindness and encouragement.
Grace ultimately believes there's always room for growth and improvement in her artistic journey. Hence, her approach towards her art practices is continuously stretching and evolving. She lives with her biggest fans, her husband and two beautiful boys, ages five and two.