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Giuseppina Graziano




My name is Giuseppina Graziano and I was born in Italy in 1983. I have been living in Melbourne since 2010. I am a self-taught abstract artist.

My paintings are a visual representation of my unconscious mind, creativity, personal associations with colors, and my desire to create some beauty that other people can enjoy. When I paint, I feel that the invisible becomes visible through the use of vibrant colors and different shapes, with no limit to what the final piece may express or evoke over time. You can notice a new and different detail every time you look at the same piece. Sometimes the painting process stems from a place of inner peace or just the fun to experiment with a medium and a variety of painting tools; other times, from the urge to express a more unsettled inner world. Either way, the painting process is freeing and allows me to create some original beauty that I can share with the viewers.

My work is influenced by Pollock’s balanced and controlled chaos, Kandinsky’s geometric forms, and Boccioni’s idea of motion and dynamism. I mainly enjoy using palette knives when I paint but I also experiment with brushes, sponges, catalyst wedges, glitters, crushed gold or silver beads, etc.

My paintings are crowded with spontaneous and at times spasmodic paint strokes, lines, contrasting shapes, bright and vivid colours, and paint splatters - all elements combined to create a balanced composition and an overall uplifting feeling. Usually, my art is appreciated by art lovers that enjoy expressionism characterized by lots of movement, bright colors and superimpositions of lines and shapes.

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