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Elizabeth Whyte



High on Art

Elizabeth (Liz) loves to explore colour, shapes, texture, depth, and flow in her paintings and mainly paints abstract. Her style of painting is purely intuitive. She loves to paint from her emotions. She has had a difficult life, living with a disability, bringing up two sons by herself and the recent unexpected loss of her son. She hopes that her paintings stir emotions in the viewer.

Elizabeth gets great joy from the pleasure her art brings to others as well as the fact that the owner of each piece can use it to connect with themselves and their own life experiences.
To date, her commissions have included pieces to suit rooms and decors as well as those to reflect specific moods.

After some formal art training in 2007 and 2008, Elizabeth painted prolifically in oils and acrylics. Art was an important and ever-present part of her life until a diagnosis of cancer, other autoimmune diseases and treatment turned everything upside down.
After a long hiatus and the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, a number of synchronistic events occurred which brought her back to art. She began with alcohol inks then commenced art classes and began sketching, drawing and painting other mediums including pastel, charcoal, mixed media, collage and acrylic paint.

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