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Elbereth Moore



Elbereth is a self-taught artist who grew up in Perth WA and moved to Melbourne in 2001 to pursue her art career and had her first Solo exhibition in 2001 at Fad Gallery in Melbourne. Her mother was also an artist and Elbereth spent much of her early years helping her mother in her studio from around the time Elbereth was capable of sharpening her mother pencils with a Stanley knife, Elbereth was essentially her mother’s assistant in the studio and spent her younger years cutting wood for stretchers and stretching the canvas on the stretchers. In 1989 Elbereth’s Mother took her to West Berlin for 6 Months and then to Gdynia Poland for another 6 months. As a 13-year-old these experiences at that particular junction in history left a deep impact on her when she was visiting the city, the wall still hadn’t come down, and all she could feel seeping out of all the building walls was a lot of sorrow that lingered. The sorrow was everywhere. Elbereth and her mother returned to Australia in 1990 and in 1993 Elbereth decided to start studying art herself, with her mother who contributed to guide her with valuable technical skills like the golden ratio, and the value of Hellenistic Greek art and Roman art influences. Her mother had a lot to teach and Elbereth was always a willing pupil to learn what she was being taught. Her career achievements to date are being selected to participate in the 2005 Dezember Salon with Galerie Taube in Berlin, Germany

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