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Denise Keele-Bedford



My art practice at Stony Creek Studio, in Warrandyte, is based on projects. A project is stimulated by issues, events and activities that interest me, and that I have strong concerns for.
Many of my projects are concerned with Cultural Belief Systems, related rituals and the impact of human interaction with the environment.
When I start a project, I investigate ways to express the message I wish to convey.
I utilize many different materials and collaborate with artisans skilful in the use of such materials.
Some projects have included the use of everyday elements: such as fabric, lights, rice, bowls, bottle tops and organic materials.
Several recent projects have included collaboration with artisans, utilising ceramic, marble, resin and acrylics.
Photography, lighting and sound have been specific to several projects.
Currently, my main interest is The Boat Project which is presented in a range of interpretations, including Origami paper boats, installations, silkscreen printing and collage.
In 2020 I received a Manningham Arts Fellowship to develop the design and detailed drawings for a free-standing interpretation of an origami boat; proposed to become a Public Artwork.
In 2019 as Artist-in-Residence at the Shimenfeng Memorial Park in Wuhan China, I was invited to develop several designs for specific locations within the park.

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