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Deb Webb



Deb Webb Art

Deb is a self-taught artist with a wide experience in many different media. She has a love affair with art supplies and endeavours to use them all. After teaching for many years, school and adult art, she studied online with artists worldwide, being exposed to many media and many different styles. Then she stopped. She wanted to find her own way and her own style, so she intentionally did not research art or visit galleries. Deb wanted to be true to her own style, her own way of connecting with the mediums.

She grew up in South Africa, where the art and culture are vibrant, eclectic, full of patterns, and colourful.

Art for Deb is life. She experiences such joy when in the zone of art and wants others to experience this same joy. Her mission in life is to spread joy to others through her colourful works, especially intuitive abstracts and quirky birds.

Deb lives in Melbourne's eastern suburbs with her husband, 3 grown children, a bird and a cat. She spends most of her days, either creating or involved in the business side of art.

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