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Cristina Doyle



Black Gallery Daylesford

Cristina is a full time artist and owner of Black Gallery in Daylesford.

Cristina's artistic career began by studying painting and printmaking at Melbourne University.

Cristina’s style relies on speedy and abbreviated line drawing which gives familiarity to forms which are essentially abstract in composition. Her brushwork is broad, fluid and energetic while her use of colour can be described as sensitive yet brave. Her joy in contrasting bright colour with matt, flat and lean paint is characteristic of her contemporary style.

Cristina is currently working on painting, mixed media, printmaking and sculpture projects with subjects influenced by her surroundings. After living in Melbourne for two-thirds of her life, Cristina moved to Daylesford where she built a home complete with a large printmaking studio.

In 2019, Cristina opened black gallery in Daylesford to showcase her work and conduct printmaking workshops.

Her work has been exhibited in Melbourne CBD, Daylesford, Richmond, South Yarra and Brunswick gallery spaces.