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Claire Zylstra-Harding



I am an artist living in Melbourne, Australia. I have an Associate Diploma of Arts in Theatre Technology in which I studied theatre lighting and sound, stage management and scenic art.
Art has always played a part in my life; for over a decade, I have been fortunate to work at a prestigious gallery of which I am constantly exposed to artists old and new, not to mention the variety of artistic mediums.
My painting process expresses my passions, my thoughts and my curious wonderings about the world and how I feel in it and how it reflects on me. The imagery of my paintings walks a line between the real world and a world shaped by our emotional perception.
I want the viewer to be taken in, to navigate their own emotional and psychological terrain finding power and strength within themselves.
Art portrays so many messages. What I want to convey can range from sadness, joy, inner turmoil or finding something more. Basically, my life and all its facets is what I put in. When I put down colours of warmth I want an onlooker to feel that emulated from that painting, the same goes for dark colours of turmoil, vivacious colours of passion, and calming colours of peace.

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