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Claire Ellis



Claire Ellis is a Canadian emerging ceramic artist based in Melbourne. In her practice, Claire focuses on the research and development of using studio and restaurant waste materials in her work such as glass, plastic and organic materials.

Claire has been working as a chef since 2010, during this time her curiosity and admiration for handmade tableware grew enormously. She began taking ceramics courses religiously on her days off, which was the perfect balance to the intensity of working in kitchens.

In 2018 Claire began working at Attica, a three hatted restaurant in Melbourne, in 2019 she began making tableware for the restaurant while on the development team. In 2020 with the support of executive chef and owner Ben Shewry she created a pottery studio in the restaurant called Attica Studio Ceramics where she designs hand-built and wheel-thrown tableware and kitchenware for the Attica tasting menu and shop.