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Cheryle Bannon



Cheryle Bannon is a mixed media artist based in Melbourne. She has a love of nature and life this spiritual, guided, connected life.

Showcasing her love of nature and stories of connection in her art, through layers of colour play and texture you are invited into this mixed media world of stories that is mindful and inspires feelings of flow and grace. Her art is a joyful connection to nature that is healing and restorative, bringing this energy into our lived environment through art.

Cheryle founded 'Wild Soul Creativity' as a way to share the flow of art as an intuitive process of visual storytelling that is about exploring our inner and outer worlds in ways that open us to our world and the magic that lives there.

Cheryle has taught Art and EAL in secondary schools for 30 years and presented at National and State conferences sharing visual storytelling techniques. Trained at RMIT, and Monash University. She transitioned into art to follow her heart in 2017 and is a full-time artist working from her home studio.
Cheryle has a master’s in Education focusing on Visual Literacy. She loves working in the community completing many mural projects in schools and in her role in the ‘artist in schools’ programs. Cheryle regularly exhibits in both solo and group shows around Melbourne.

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