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Cat Dolphin



A painter of quirky, unique, colourful contemporary images that delve deeply into Cat’s imagination. Her paintings feature colourful meandering ‘Topsy Turvey’ worlds. They are a journey from place to place, an adventure through vignettes filled with boats, birds, lakes, villages and forests. The experience of our uncertain times is a source of curiosity, wonder and inspiration for Cat as she explores our contemporary urban landscapes drawn from joyful memories of carefree days, feelings and subconscious recall of precious moments in time. A reflection on happy times and an escape that is so meaningful today.
Cat loves to use colour, intuitive mark-making, symbols, and typography to create paintings of imagined and remembered urban landscapes. The works are built with multiple layers and the changing scale, plane and direction provide a unique perspective.

Quirky, original and unique these colourful contemporary paintings are beautifully finished.
Cat's unique view of the world is charming, let her paintings take you on a fun-filled adventure into your imagination.

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