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Carin Lavery



Carin is a visual artist, born and raised in England, now living in Australia. Known mostly for her dynamic watercolours, she also works with charcoal, pastels and photography - and writes poetry.

Her work has been licensed for Christmas cards, she has a strong commissions-following and sells internationally.

Carin specialises in bold watercolours of our natural world. She enjoys the freedom of painting loosely on large sheets – some of her work spanning 230cm.

Her paintings are as diverse in style and subject as nature itself. Realistic, impressionist or abstract, they communicate our world through watercolour – ranging from our land, sky, sea, animals, insects to our people and communities.

She believes art is a communication method equal to speech – and has the ability to give a voice to important subjects. Through her paintings, Carin has raised attention to domestic violence, equality for marginalised communities and the knowledge within Australia’s Indigenous community about protecting our land.