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Bev Plowman



Fox and Tribe Pty Ltd

I am a contemporary artist from Melbourne, Australia with a distinctive abstract impressionist style. I am a multi medium artist, specialising in painting ceramics, mosaics and sculptures.
My mosaics and paintings are made with simple impressionistic marks to create a calm, relaxed feeling. They create a reflective and mediative atmosphere.
I create abstract landscapes that are soft and dreamlike.
I am inspired by the properties of water and light and its magical, elusive nature.
I believe water, sky and nature takes our mind to that “Spiritual” place. They ground our mind and are healing, peaceful and meditative.
My artworks provide an opportunity for the viewer to relax, interpret, and reflect.
I create“Hybrid” landscapes that create a bridge between representation and abstraction,
The recognisable is filtered and transformed.
Exploring colour spectrums and breaking them up into facets of geometric shapes create an abstract landscape. Is another aspect to my experimentation with light and colour. Painted in nature’s palette soft hybrid landscapes are created.

My ceramic and mosaic works are also designed to be contemplative and reflective.
I create sculptures in ceramic, bronze and mosaic.