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Barbra Vernon



Bold Colour Art

Barbra is an Abstract Colourist with six years of experience in painting, but many years of being a seamstress and craft person.
“I see colour in everything; I feel colour and if I listen hard enough, I can almost hear what colour is trying to say. I try to show this in my work.
Colour stimulates my imagination. It’s like I have colour running through my veins. Surrounding myself with colour is where my life is happiest”
Painting came to me later in life and little did I realise that art would mean so much and support me so much through some very turbulent times.
I love texture and working with a palette knife, to move and shape my art, it's as important a part of my work as colour is.
Growing up in Melbourne, Australia I've always enjoyed the colours, architecture, people and landscapes of this city, inspiring much of my work today.

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