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Avanthi Ravindran



"Let there not be a day that passes where my mind does not wander to art, where my pencil does not touch paper and my hands are not covered in paint"

A life filled with creativity is all that I desire and my personal story intricately entwined with my artwork. Without this connection I cannot create and it follows the ebbs and flows of my life. At times I may create frantically for hours and hours and at other times, I will simply ponder life's meaning wondering how I can tie these ideas to new pieces.

As a self taught artist, I feel lucky to be able to approach mediums and ideas with an open curious mind. I love the challenge of learning new materials and currently work in pencil, oils, watercolour, soft pastels and acrylics.

I am continually inspired by life around me, from life as a mother, the female body and to my daily walks around where I live to an obsession with light and dark and how I can accentuate this play of light in my artwork.

This artistic journey I am on is one of experimentation and continual learning. I find through all of it, this is what I love the most.

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