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Alexandra Janssens



Alexandra Janssens is an Artist and Designer based in Melbourne.

Alexandra is a multidisciplinary artist, whose art practice ranges from 2D realism based printmaking, photography and specializes in charcoal drawing and oil painting.

The artist has completed a Diploma of Visual Art (2013) and majored in painting and printmaking at Melbourne Polytechnic. In addition she has completed a Bachelor of Visual Art and Design (2016) at the Australian Catholic University. She has also completed an internship at the reputable Niagara Galleries in Richmond (2016).

Alexandra is the Vice President and Exhibitions Curator of the flourishing art group named Melbourne and Victorian Artists INC. She has curated four successful exhibitions to date, Walk In The Park (Manningham), Manifest (345 Art Creative, Mont albert), Passage Of Time (Agra Galleries, Camberwell) and Truth To Be Known (Incubator, Prahran). The Artist is currently working alongside the Founder/ President of MAVA on creating the associations new website.