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Lost In Abstraction

Irene Henning and other artists from CreativeSpace

Exhibition Dates

Jun 26, 2024


Jul 7, 2024


Artemisia Gallery and Event Space

248 High St, Windsor, Victoria

11.00-5.00, closed Mondays and Tuesdays


(if applicable)

Jun 28, 2024


Website or Social Media Link

Artist Statement


CreativeSpace is a group of artists based at the Hawthorn Art Society studios, Hawthorn Town Hall, Melbourne. They are an untutored group, originally formed under the guidance of abstract artist Raphael Zimmerman more than 10 years ago, with the purpose of advancing artistic knowledge and creativity.

This exhibition, “Lost in Abstraction” is a collection of various works encompassing a range of media and styles, but all with an interest in colour, shape, movement and texture. Artists of the group look to nature, places, objects or imagination for inspiration and aim to evoke emotion, feelings, intuition and new meanings for themselves and for their audience.

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