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Museum of the Post Anthropocene

Ian George

Exhibition Dates

Aug 17, 2023


Sep 10, 2023


YAVA Gallery & Arts Hub

252A Maroondah Highway, Healesville 3777

Wednesday to Sunday 10am to 4pm


(if applicable)

Aug 17, 2023


Website or Social Media Link

Artist Statement

The footprint of humanity has ushered in the Anthropocene - the period during which human activity has dominated climate and the environment. This exhibition asks us to ponder “How does life evolve from what we’ve left behind?” Sculptor Ian George, takes a playful and humorous look at this topic, with a cornucopia of whimsical and often disturbing creatures, crafted from wood, steel, found and organic materials. John Bodin's photography records our current times, with dark and gritty visions of disrupted landscapes, enticing the viewer to inhabit his images. This is an exhibition about hope and sorrow, realism and fantasy, inviting the viewer to take stock of our environmental impact on this planet.

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