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Pawprints From the City To Nature

Alina Shirley

Exhibition Dates

May 3, 2023


May 14, 2023



Australian Guild of Realist Artists (AGRA) Gallery, 1 Inglesby Rd, Camberwell VIC 3124

10-4pm Wed-Fri and 1-4pm Weekends


(if applicable)

May 6, 2023


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Artist Statement

This exhibition, “Pawprints from City to Nature,” features paintings and drawings about all aspects of nature. Alina Shirley is an emerging artist who recently graduated from RMIT visual arts last year. She is a storyteller working as an artist, writer and illustrator. Alina creates surreal art and stories with bright colours that magically swirl people to fantasy places in the mind and imagination. The exhibition is designed as two related short stories split down the middle of the room, crossing over at the centre.
This first (entry side) of the room is the story of “Nature and Mankind” for adults. It features landscapes and cityscapes with hidden figures and animals. The room is predominantly painting’s in oil paints and acrylics. The artworks pose the question: how human’s creations and technological advancements make peace with the elements of nature?
The second side of the room is called “Narla’s Story Time” for the children and children at heart. It is about a dog called Narla, a Groodle, Story Dog and family dog of Alina. Alina has published two books about her life: the first book is “Narla’s Story Time,” and the second book is “Narla’s 10th Birthday,” with a third in the works. The room features the original pastel illustrations used to make the books, and some oil paintings. It gives a “behind the scenes” view on how the books were made and their story.

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